Napoleon Falls

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Napoleon Falls Canyoneering Canyoning Caving
Napoleon Falls

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Rating: 3A I (v3a1)
Typical time:
2h-4h overall
Hike: 1.2mi0ft approach ↑580ft exit
Rappels: 3, Longest ↕200ft
Shuttle: None
Permits: No


Napoleon is a very short drainage close to Josephine Creek with three nice rappels.

Napoleon Falls from the bottom.jpg


Park at the Josephine Creek trail head and cross the guard rail at the top of Napoleon. Descend to the trail, cross it, and continue down the drainage. You should see a pine tree with a crooked top, head in this general direction.



R1: 200 ft, anchored from a dead bush 140 ft down canyon from the trail. The rappel is NOT at the crooked pine tree, that is just an indicator that you are in the correct drainage. The anchor is at the lowest point in the drainage.

There is high potential for rockfall on this first rappel. The people at the bottom should get well out of the way.

R2: 145 ft, anchored from a tree down canyon left 30 ft from drop.

R3: 80 ft, anchored from a tree down canyon left 25 ft from drop.


Watch for rock fall and be sure to stay out of the fall zones.


Turn right and hike up stream in Big Tujunga until Josephine Creek enters on the right (LDC). Follow the Big Tujunga exit at Josephine Creek back to the trail head. As you come around the ridge looking up toward Josephine you will see a steep use trail on your right that connects to the trail from Josephine.

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Descended and beta created on November 20, 2013, by Benjamin Pelletier and Alden Anderson. They were, however, not the first to explore this drainage.

First known descent in 2007 by Ken King, Suzanne Tinaka, et al.


Named after the short but powerful French emperor due to it's proximity to Josephine Creek and the brevity of the descent.

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