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Incident:Rockfall injures belayer in Abysmal Canyon 2017/08/24trueInjury2017-08-24
Incident:Fall during rappelling in Wallace River Canyon 2017/08/21trueInjury2017-08-21
Canyoneer stuck in recirculating slot Seven TeacupstrueNo loss2017-08-05
Incident:Compound ankle fracture in Salmon River (Cascade Mountains) 2017/08/05trueInjury2017-08-05
Knot on rappel in corkscrew rap Seven TeacupstrueNo loss2017-07-21
Incident:Man drowned in Beaver Falls in Havasu Canyon 2017/05/29falseFatality2017-05-29
Incident:disabling injury in Hades Canyon 2017/04/13trueInjury2017-04-13
Incident:Knee Injury in Monkeyface Creek 2017/03/18trueInjury2017-03-18
Incident:Broken Tibia in Muir Ravine (West) 2017/03/11trueInjury2017-03-11
Incident:Stuck hiker airlifted in Rubio Canyon 2017/03/04falseNo loss2017-03-04
Webbing failure in CerberustrueInjury2017-02-17
Backpack gear loop caught horn in EatontrueNo loss2017-01-04
Struck underwater rock while on rappel in Monmouth Creek, British ColumbiatrueInjury2016-08-20
Incident:Fall into hydraulic in Davis Creek Canyon 2016/06/24trueNo loss2016-06-24
Broken ankle in Nobe Young CreektrueInjury2016-06-20
Near fall on rappel in HeapstrueNo loss2016-05-22
Lower leg wound in Tanner Creek, OregontrueInjury2015-09-05
Fractured Foot in Lower JumptrueInjury2015-07-13
Tree anchor dislodged on R5 of Peppermint CreektrueInjury2015-05-09
Incident:Sprained Ankle in Supercloud Canyon 2015/01/05trueInjury2015-01-05
Broken leg in LJT 20140901trueInjury2014-09-01
Woman falls down rocky hillside 20140731falseNo loss2014-07-31
Test incidentNo loss2014-05-21
Test incidentNo loss2014-05-21
Catalina SAR callout, Church Rock CanyontrueNo loss2014-05-04
Fall in Middle Fork of Lytle CreektrueInjury2014-04-12
Couple airlifted 20140408falseNo loss2014-04-08
Five canyoneers found 20130405trueNo loss2013-04-05
Broken nose airlifted 20130330falseInjury2013-03-30
Esther Suen diesfalseFatality2013-03-22
Lost hiker in RubiotrueInjury2013-03-18
Stuck rope in RubiotrueNo loss2013-02-12
Rock Falls down very closefalseNo loss2012-04-20
Sixty foot fall on ThalehahatrueInjury2012-02-21
Incident:Fibula fracture in Stevenson Creek (Lower) 20/07/03trueInjury0003-07-18
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