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Splitting the page

I think it would be better to put back the contents in one single page, because that way they can download it in one single swoop.

The TOC at the beginning is good enough to facilitate navigation, don’t think we need to break it down in topics.

It also screws up the Credits (now available for any page with {{Credits}})


Jesse supported the split and I still think it's a good idea also. In no other place do we try to lump everything into a single page with navigation only within that page, and for good reason: it makes the content much less approachable. It seems pretty obvious that we wouldn't want to put everything related to (for example) canyon rigging on a single page, so why would we do the same for swift water? The use case for downloading all the information at once seems much smaller than the use case of consuming the information as normal wiki pages.
Screwing up the credits is unfortunate, but I definitely don't think we should shape our wiki content design around imperfect metric plugins. The fact is that editors do sometimes make big text moves that are not actually adding a lot of content they should be credited for -- the solution should be to either improve the Credits extension or accept its shortcomings, not stop doing those operations. Another example of this issue (mentioned when Credits extension first added) is that Freddy posted the full text of a Sierra Canyons beta description without attribution that I then had to delete and re-add under a different user to provide attribution. Now he is credited with roughly 50% of that page. I think the solution is to recognize that the Credits plugin is useful in many cases, but also fails in some cases. People should not rely on it as absolute truth for who wrote the page. If people are going to get mad when it's wrong, then it needs to be removed because there are going to be times when it's wrong.
Moreover, some of the sections are not actually swift-water-specific (Jumping/sliding, flotation). Flotation, for instance, is also an important consideration in pothole escape and we don't want to duplicate information for pothole flotation and swift water flotation.
More discussion on this general topic can be found here:
Bjp (talk) 14:51, 15 June 2016 (EDT)