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Incident:Cliffed Out in Eaton Canyon 2023/09/17trueNo loss2023-09-17
Incident: in Ladder Creek 2023/08/27trueFatality2023-08-27
Incident:The canyoneer rappelled off the end of his or her rope on the Great White Icicle and fell 300 feet, resulting in fatal injuries in Great White Icicle 2023/06/04trueFatality2023-06-04
Incident:Two Dead in Buckskin Gulch 2023/05/20trueFatality2023-05-20
Incident:Near Drowning in Cussed Hollow 2023/05/20trueNo loss2023-05-20
Incident:Fractured + sprained foot in Bangalore Canyon 2023/05/01trueInjury2023-05-01
Incident:Exhaustion in The Squeeze 2023/04/15trueNo loss2023-04-15
Incident:Swept Over Waterfall in Eaton Canyon 2023/03/20trueNo loss2023-03-20
Incident:Two Dead, 11 Rescued in Buckskin Gulch 2023/03/12trueFatality2023-03-12
Dog bite exiting LSAfalseInjury2023-01-15
Solo Canyoneer Fall in MosaictrueFatality2022-12-03
Broken Ankle in ParketttrueInjury2022-09-21
Incident:Broken Ankle in Palisade Canyon 2022/07/30trueInjury2022-07-30
Incident:Foot Entrapment in Lost Creek 2022/06/29trueNo loss2022-06-29
Incident:Fall hazard in Hager Canyon 2022/06/25trueNo loss2022-06-25
Incident:Pulled muscle in corkscrew slide in Seven Teacups 2022/04/30trueInjury2022-04-30
Incident:Broken leg in Frye Creek Canyon (S'mores) 2022/04/24trueInjury2022-04-24
Incident:Broken Leg in Frye Creek Canyon (S 2022/04/24trueInjury2022-04-24
Incident:Dislocated/broken/torn shoulder, broken back in Salmon Creek (Lower) 2022/04/23trueInjury2022-04-23
Incident:Blown knot chock - near miss in Jacob's Ladder 2022/04/14trueNo loss2022-04-14
Incident:Fall Resulting in Fatality in Sierra Canyon 2021/12/30trueFatality2021-12-30
Incident:Injured Thigh in Three Corner Creek 2021/10/09trueInjury2021-10-09
Incident:Badly torn calf muscle in Little Santa Anita Canyon 2021/10/03trueInjury2021-10-03
Incident:Wasp sting in LeBar Creek 2021/07/04falseNo loss2021-07-04
Incident:Laceration in Change Creek 2021/06/20trueInjury2021-06-20
Incident:Fall - Mild concussion and sprained wrist in Rattlesnake Canyon (Joshua Tree National Park) 2021/06/02trueInjury2021-06-02
Broken leg/ankle in Cristopher CreektrueInjury2021-05-16
Rockfall in DeimostrueFatality2021-01-30
Incident:Sprained ankle in Dingford Creek 2020/09/06trueInjury2020-09-06
Incident:Deep cut on hand in Shamrock Canyon 2020/07/09trueInjury2020-07-09
Incident:Jump w/ rope captured in Jump Trip (Lower) 2020/05/30trueNo loss2020-05-30
Incident:Unintended slide ~40' in Jump Trip (Lower) 2020/05/30trueNo loss2020-05-30
Incident:Awkward rappel start with slip and fall in Rubio Canyon 2020/01/20trueNo loss2020-01-20
Incident:Fractured jaw and busted teeth in The Subway 2019/09/13trueInjury2019-09-13
Incident:Stuck rope at R2 anchor in Sentinel Falls 2019/09/08trueNo loss2019-09-08
Incident:Bruised ribs in Englestead in Englestead Hollow 2019/08/18trueInjury2019-08-18
Broken hand in Davis Creek CanyontrueInjury2019-08-09
Incident:Bruised Sacrum in Little Santa Anita Canyon 2019/06/08trueInjury2019-06-08
Incident:Severe Fall in Lytle Creek (Middle Fork) 2019-05-27trueInjury2019-05-27
Fatality in Bottomless PittrueFatality2019-03-23
Incident:Nearly Stuck Rope in Monkeyface Creek 2019/01/26trueNo loss2019-01-26
Incident:Rappel Mishap in Muir Ravine (West) 2018/11/22trueNo loss2018-11-22
Incident:webbing failure in Styx Canyon (North Fork) 2018/11/02trueInjury2018-11-02
Incident:Gear Stolen in Yosemite Falls (Upper) 2018/10/12trueGear loss2018-10-12
Helicopter evacuation at Big Creek FallstrueInjury2018-09-30
Incident:Broken right arm (distal radius) in Monkeyface Creek 2018/06/05trueInjury2018-06-05
Leg/knee injury in Jump Trip (Lower) 2018/05/19trueInjury2018-05-19
Fall in Monkeyface CreektrueInjury2018-05-06
Death in Salamander CanyontrueFatality2018-03-17
Incident:Abrasions and Lacerations in Deimos Canyon 2018/02/17trueNo loss2018-02-17
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