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Operating Costs

It costs ~$50 a month to host Ropewiki. Ropewiki contributors are welcome to support the site by paying for a month of hosting. Contact David Angel to become a patron. (Max patronage per person is currently two months per year, non-commercial.)


Luca Chiarabini implemented much of the sites functionality:

  • Contributor Scores
  • GPX conversion, PDF creation, KML display
  • Waterflow Analysis
  • RopeWiki Explorer
  • External kml and site integrations

Hereward Cooper: Maintains docker infra, observability, db functionality, and is a general site-ninja.

Fredrik Farnstrom: Migrated the code listed above to a more maintainable and collaborative situation.

Michelle Nilles: Maintains the code listed above, as well as implements site reliability changes.

Much of the base systems were designed and by Benjamin Pelletier

Google Maps API is provided through donation from Benjamin Pelletier

Windows hosting for site logic and conversions is provided through donation from David Angel

Ropewiki servers are maintained by David Angel and hosted in San Francisco at Digital Ocean and were paid for by the folks listed below.


2015 David Angel
2016 David Angel
July 2017 Alex Aligo
August 2017 Amanda Craft
September 2017 Jesse Houser In honor of Luca Chiarabini
October 2017 Dave Red 808 Canyons - Hawaii canyon exploration project
November 2017 Ron Lebfrom Exploration videos and documentation
December 2017 Carlos Ortega Lopez
January 2018 Tiffanie Lin Thank you David, Ben, and Luca for maintaining Ropewiki and continuing the spirit of sharing and collaboration.
February 2018 Tiffanie Lin
March 2018 Michelle Nilles
April 2018 Christian Lupercio
May 2018 Oscar and Barbara Zamudio
June 2018 Oscar and Barbara Zamudio
July 2018 Oscar and Barbara Zamudio
August 2018 Itaru Hiromi
September 2018 Obdulia Garcia
October 2018 Obdulia Garcia
November 2018 Christian Lupercio
December 2018 Christian Lupercio
January - August 2019 David Angel
September 2019 Christian Lupercio
October - December 2019 David Angel
January - June 2020 David Angel
July - August 2020 Andrew Wimmer
September - October 2020 Willie Hunt
November - December 2020 Todd Kolberg
January 2021 Anh Phan
February - March 2021 John Bowling
April 2021 Kevin F
May 2021 Kevin Gilbert
June - July 2021 Dean Kirchner
August 2021 Jesse Donohue
September 2021 Janice Muscio
October 2021 Herve Mazoyer
2022 David Angel
January - June 2023 David Angel
July-August 2023 Group B - The Mountaineers, Canyoneering Course Graduates
Sept-October 2023 Keith Hoffman and Jill Daugherty
November-December 2023 Mike Cook

The domain name is donated by Benjamin Pelletier