Britannia Creek

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Britannia Creek

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Best season:
4 Jul 2015


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3C II (v3a4 II)
4h-6h overall
Hike: 0.1mi
Descent: 0.8mi696ft
Raps: 7-14, Max82ft
Shuttle: Required 10 min


This is a fantastic canyon with lots of rappel, lots of jumps and incredibly easy access (almost zero approach and zero return).

All of the drops are bolted to rappel in the middle of the waterflow, which will only be safe in moderate water conditions. The best waterflow checkpoint is at the dam rappel at the beginning of the descent.


To access the canyon drive to the Britannia Mine Museum on Highway 99, between Vancouver and Squamish. From the museum proceed up Copper Drive until you cross a bridge.

Drop a vehicle at the parking lot adjacent the bridge and proceed up the road with a second vehicle (or on foot if you only have one) till the pavement ends.

A small parking lot on the left will fit two or three vehicles, from there follow a use trail through the forest for 200m until you reach a concrete dam.


    Canyon Profile by Marteen Haenen
  • All below measurements are estimates, feel free to correct if you have more accurate data

    • R1 (Dam): 18m Rappel from bolts DCR
    • R2: 8m Rappel or Technical Jump (very small target)
    • R3: 3m Jump
    • R4: 10m Rappel from bolts DCR
    • R5: 12m Rappel from bolts DCR
    • R6: 6m Rappel (error?) A single bolt has been added (2016) center canyon in a sheltered position for high water. Another bolts placement for low water DCL is feasible high on wall though note there are many cracks in rock at ideal placement for rappel station.
    • R7: 5m Jump
    • R8: 6m Simulrap from rock horn
    • R9: 5m Jump
    • R10 (Bridge): 6m to 10m Jump
    • R11: 10m Rappel from bolts DCR or Technical Jump (centerish of pool, check rocks at bottom of pool before jumping)
    • R12: 25m Rappel from edge (10m handline)
    • R13: 3m L-Jump (shallow, land on your butt). A single bolt added 2016 DCL to avoid unpleasant downclimb and shallow jump. May be challenging to reach during high water.
    • R14: 5m Jump
    • Exit Bridge


    Once you reach the exit bridge hike out on the left side to reach your vehicle

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    First descent on Canada Day 2015 by Philippe Lapointe, Amber Brown, Marteen Haenen, and Kevin Meuller


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