Adding PDF files

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It is possible to embed a PDF in a page just like a normal picture (.gif, .jpg, .png). See page Adding pictures for more information.

To display a link to an PDF follow these instructions:

  • Navigate to the page that will contain a link to the PDF and click Edit
  • Add the following wiki code where you want to add the link (replacing Name of file as appropriate; be as specific as possible when naming):
[[Media:Name of file.pdf|Description of file]]
  • Change "Name of file" and "Description of file" as appropriate in the wiki code. Be as specific as possible when naming ("Zion East Side Canyon Guide" rather than "ZionCanyons"), but don't include anything in the name that suggests a version (just "Pine Creek", not "Pine Creek 2014" or "Pine Creek v2")
  • Save your changes to the page; the link should now appear red on the page
  • Click on the red link; you should be taken to a page where you can upload the file
  • Click Choose file, select the appropriate file from you computer, then click Upload file