Adding picture files

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To add a picture to a page using the Wiki system:

  • Edit the page (click the Edit tab near the upper right)
  • Click the small image icon at the top of the editing window
    • This will add the text [[File:Example.jpg]]
  • Replace Example.jpg with something unique to the page
    • Like, PineCreekFirstRappel.jpg
    • FirstRappel.jpg would be a poor name because there are probably lots of pages that would want to use that file name
  • Finish any other edits and save the page (Click Save page at the bottom left after entering a Summary of what you changed)
  • The page will now be displayed normally. Hopefully, you should see a red link with the file name you picked. If you see a picture instead, edit the page and pick a different file name.
  • Click on the red link and upload your picture (there is currently a 2MB size limit)
  • Now, when you go back to the page, you should see your picture

Changing the way pictures look on a page

There are lots of ways to change how the picture is displayed on the page. See the MediaWiki documentation for more information, but here are some basics

  • The simplest way to display a picture is
  • If a picture is displayed too large, you can change its size by adding an explicit size (in pixels) at the end; this picture will be displayed 400 pixels wide:
  • To display multiple pictures next to each other (to compare high flow to normal flow, for instance), use a gallery (example)
<gallery widths=300px heights=300px>
File:Example1.jpg|Caption of example1
File:Example2.jpg|Caption of example2
  • To float an image to the right side of the page, just add a thumb tag (example)
  • To add a caption to an image, just add it at the end, separated by a bar
[[File:Example.jpg|this is a caption for example]]
  • Many of these things can be combined at once
[[File:Example.jpg|thumb|400px|this is a caption for example]]