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As canyoneering gains popularity, more movies are being made about it. Many of them are listed below.

Full length

127 Hours

127 Hours (2010) is a dramatization of Aron Ralston's canyoneering accident in Bluejohn Canyon and includes reflections on the mistakes that led to the need for his amazing self-rescue.

The Beginning

The Beginning from deapcanyoning shows acrobatics in wet European canyons.

Canyoneering the Colorado Plateau

Canyoneering the Colorado Plateau (2006) is a documentary introducing the public to canyoneering.


Continue is the second film from deapcanyoning showing acrobatics in wet European canyons.

Extreme Canyoning 3D

Extreme Canyoning 3D (2013) follows a number of experienced European canyoneers down a class C canyon in Ticino, Switzerland. Despite the title, the descent is not particularly extreme apart from one canyoneer's cliff dives and an initial short jump from a helicopter to begin the canyon. It is available for purchase via Amazon Germany.


Gorging (2013) is a documentary that follows a few different people from the canyoneering community as they build knowledge and attempt more challenging canyons (Steve), publish previously unknown or obscure canyons (Mike), recount the pioneering days and lament the increasing popularity of the sport (Dennis), and teach others (Rich).

Partial length

Down the Line

Down the Line (2013) is a 24-minute film about canyon exploration in Vancouver.

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Last of the Great Unknown

Last of the Great Unknown (2012) is a 23-minute film that follows canyoneers exploring previously unknown tributaries to the Grand Canyon.

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