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Pueblo of Coroico, in the Bolivia state of La Paz. Has user description More information

Has user description  Pueblo of Coroico, in the Bolivia state of La Paz. The "adventure capital of Bolivia", it is located on a mountainside a 2.5 hr drive from the capital city of La Paz.

Coroico is the town at the end of the 'Death Road' mountain bike ride, and is quickly establishing itself as the adventure sports capital of Bolivia. The first international Bolivia canyon rendezvous was held here in Sep 2019, and there are enough canyons to spend 10 days or more. A recommended place to stay is in one of the hotels along the road above the town, which have fantastic views of miles of valley below.

El Vagante Canyoning, located in Coroico, co-hosted the 2019 rendezvous and participated in opening most of the routes. It is highly recommended to contact them for current conditions and to help with logistics. Edu Gomez Perez from Spain is the main person who opened routes in this area.

If you would like, you can do the 'Death Road' mountain bike ride down to Coroico from La Paz, and have the guide company bring your luggage down to Coroico. They will be driving down there anyway to pick up everyone finishing the ride along with the bikes. From there you would just stay with your luggage, going to your lodging in Coroico and start doing canyons.