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Dominica is a lush tropical island nation with multiple world-class canyons. Has user description More information

Has user description  Dominica is a lush tropical island nation with multiple world-class canyons. Despite having a five-star route that guides take cruise-ship tourists down (Titou Gorge), other known canyons remain rarely descended, and many first descents surely await.

Virtually all canyons are swiftwater and prone to flooding. Rain can occur any time of year, but is generally heaviest in May-July and September-December.

From about 2009 to about 2014, French canyoneers made great efforts to explore and equip at least 26 canyons, all in the southern half of the island. Then, Hurricane Maria hit in 2017. All bolts were destroyed by floods, house-sized boulders moved and created new waterfalls and siphons, and approach and exit trails disappeared. Since the hurricane, it's believed that only Titou has been descended - doing any other documented route on Dominica currently requires first descent preparation and skills. A bolt-kit is mandatory (webbing will only go so far, as some slots have few material and it would be impossible to avoid rappelling in the raging torrent of a waterfall).

No permissions of any kind are currently (2022) required. There's also absolutely no rescue resources - firemen have no rope training, and there is no helicopter on Dominica.

If you do come to Dominica - and its canyons are sure to amaze every canyoneer - come prepared.

Beta for 26 canyons here: