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Includes the state (departamento) of Tolima. Has user description More information

Has user description  Includes the state (departamento) of Tolima. The main drainage in Ibagué is the Rio Combeima into which all of the side canyons flow. Villa Restrepo is the nearest village to most of the canyon trailheads and is a one hour drive from the city of Ibagué.

Most of the first descents in Ibague were done in 2015-2016 and were equipped with galvanized steel bolts and homemade hangers. By 2018 these bolts are all rusted and are in terrible condition for a variety of reasons. Due to the scarcity of natural anchor options at most of the drops, anyone attempting to do these canyons as of 2018 should bring a hammer drill and be prepared to replace all of the anchors. There are no guide companies here equipping canyons at a professional level.

As is typical in the jungle rainforest, it rains almost on a daily basis in Tolima and the rain can pour down in short downpours that can elevate water levels in a short time. Thus, all of the canyons in Ibague can quickly turn into X-rated on any given day. Great care should be taken in watching weather patterns.