Manual of Style

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In general, ropewiki should follow the Wikipedia Manual of Style. This means articles should be written in a fact-based, encyclopedic manner without editorializing whenever practical.

Be bold!

When in doubt, be bold and just add your content or make your changes. The complete article history is maintained, so at worst the most effort someone else will need to expend to fix any mistake you may have made will be to revert back to an earlier version. If someone undoes your changes, try adding an explanation or reasoning to the Discussion tab for the article being edited. The Discussion tab may be found by clicking on the appropriate link above the article to the left.

Writing Summaries

When editing a page, try to always add a brief description of what you changed in the text box labeled "Summary" below the main editing box. If your edit may be controversial, also include a brief description of why your edit is correct.


When differing opinions exist on a particular topic, present the facts of the consensus and both points of view. A neutral tone is extra important when writing about controversial topics.

Articles applicable to different sports

When a technique or device has a broadly common usage between different sports such as canyoneering and caving, additional sport-specific notes can be included in the same article. If there is little to no shared content between sports, consider creating separate pages for the topic with the sport to which they apply in parentheses, and then also adding a disambiguation page. One example of a disambiguation page on ropewiki is Figure 8.