New South Wales

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New South Wales
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The state of NSW is home to some spectacular canyoning (please read the full introduction below). Has user description More information

Has user description  The state of NSW is home to some spectacular canyoning (please read the full introduction below). The most popular area is the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. While the Blue Mountains canyons are much less aquatic than many other locations, narrow sandstone constrictions result in some stunningly beautiful, lush slots. West of the Blue Mountains, the Kanangra Canyons are bigger, sportier and more challenging. Further North, the Coffs Harbour/Mid-North Coast region has an array of swiftwater canyons.

  • Water Levels and River Gauges: All river gauges in NSW are numbered, and the information is centrally available. River Gauge information is available in two places:
  • About Grading: The aquatic canyons in NSW are graded on the French Scale, largely by the experience of local canyoners who have canyoned in New Zealand and Europe. This grading does not always match Ropewiki's translation of USA grading. Be familiar with the French system, and what it means to you and your abilities. When judging flow, remember that canyon beta and trip reports are subjective and often influenced by the skill level of their authors. Actual gauge measurements are good indications, but most canyons do not have gauges so the other gauges may not accurately reflect the flow level. Every canyoner is individually responsible for making the decision to enter a canyon and should not assume the beta they read (including on this site) will accurately reflect the conditions they will actually encounter in the canyon.