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This is a string describing the quality level of the canyon under current conditions -- basically, how good of a time will canyoneers have when descending the canyon right now. Even an outstanding canyon may not be worth much when dry, and a mediocre canyon may be fantastic in high water. The allowed values for this property are:

  • Smiley0.png 0 - Unknown : the conditions reported are not from a descent of the canyon
  • Smiley1.png 1 - Poor : regretted doing the trip; canyon is not worth doing in its current condition
  • Smiley2.png 2 - Ok : the canyon was worth doing, but the conditions made it not all that good
  • Smiley3.png 3 - Good : the canyon trip was good; a fairly typical descent
  • Smiley4.png 4 - Great : the canyon trip was great
  • Smiley5.png 5 - Amazing : the canyon trip was outstanding and rose above normal canyon trips