Casner Chasm

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Casner Chasm Canyoneering Canyoning Caving
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Difficulty:3B III (v3a2 III)
Raps:‌7, max ↨100ft
Overall:3-7h ⟷3.6mi
Condition Reports:
22 May 2023

"A hidden little gem in west fork with some funky little rappels and multiple exit options. Time is for establishing a new sneak exit and venturing u

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Best season:
May-Sep (avg for this region)


A newly discovered mini-canyon in the heart of West Fork. Featuring up to 7 rappels under 100', down broken chutes and pour-outs into a log jammed coconino corridor that exits into Casner Cabin Draw.

With a quick approach, funky rappels, and an exit through the short supai narrows of upper West Fork this route is likely to become a moderate classic.


Follow the track down the hill into the main drainage. Your adventure starts here.


Up to 7 Rappels under 100'.

All anchors are set except for one which we used a retrievable anchor off a large fallen pine in the watercourse.

Reccomended to bring extra webbing and rapides. Anchor building skills Mandatory, but the route has plenty of debris and natural anchor options. Please search out existing anchors and remove extra tatt to keep this route safe and clean.


At the base of the chasm you will enter Casner Cabin Draw, take a Right at the confluence heading down the draw to the confluence with Upper West Fork. There will be one mandatory short swimmer before the confluence. At the West Fork confluence you can either:

Shuttle Exit- Follow west fork to the bridge and your shuttle vehicle. Longer but easy and scenic and required a shuttle.

Short Loop Exit- Take the obvious dainage on your right up loose terrain to your vehicle. Staying on the right side of the main drainage. You may encounter an easy chimney that will land you on easy terrain back to the main road and your vehicle. Shorter but more rugged and does not require a shuttle vehicle.

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Discovered on June 12, 2022 by Nick Clegg, Eric Moorcroft, Kegn Moorcroft, Pamela Ross, and Mandy Wilson.

No signs of anchors or prior descent.


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