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A rigging is a configuration of equipment that makes rope work such as rappelling and ascending possible, or the act of putting the equipment in that configuration. It could be as simple as tying the end of a rope around an anchor and throwing the rest of the rope down a cliff, or as complicated as a complex-compound mechanical advantage system intended to haul a patient up a guided rappel.

A full list of riggings on this wiki may be found at the end of this page.

Some special kinds of riggings that may be of interest include:

  • Anchor ring riggings are the majority of common riggings in standard canyons.
  • Creeping riggings largely overlap with anchor ring systems, but intended to safeguard the rope from especially sharp edges by continually changing the abrasion point while the rope is being actively used to rappel
  • Fixed riggings (fixed ropes) are used for down-and-back-up trips.
  • Retrievable riggings allow rigging and/or anchor materials to be retrieved from the bottom of the rappel. This allows "ghosting" a canyon.
  • Releasable riggings largely overlap with retrievable systems, but have specific dangers associated with them.
  • Rescue riggings largely overlap with retrievable systems, but intended to self-rescue when rope is too short or coreshot

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