Smooth Operator

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The Smooth Operator is a Toggle-type releasable and retrievable advanced anchoring device designed sold by B-G Gear. Using a Smooth Operator is a ghosting technique as in normal use it leaves no artifacts behind. It has a few features different than other available Toggle-type devices.


BluuGnome documents the Smooth Operator on his site, including basic usage, detailed usage, and how to make your own.

Safety System

The Smooth Operator is usually "locked off" with two locking carabiners. Each carabiner is clipped through a hole at either end of the toggle - and is also clipped to one of the strands above the toggle. The safety system is removed by the last person prior to rappelling.

  • An alternate safety system would be to use a locking quickdraw (or a short sling & two locking carabiners). Clip each end of the quick draw to either end of the toggle. Advantage: the safety mechanism can be removed by the last person without even touching the stone knot.