Cussed Hollow

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Cussed Hollow Canyoneering Canyoning Caving
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Difficulty:3C1 III (v3a4 III)
Raps:‌6, max ↨70ft
Approach:1.5-2h ↑1200ft
Red Tape:No permit required
Condition Reports:
20 May 2023

"Near flood stage descent. Water rose during the trip which means snow played a factor. Have ran this canyon in May multiple times before and have beav

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A somewhat high pay-to-play canyon per a long steep approach and a long exit, but your payoff includes a gorgeous narrows, nice rappels, few swims, jumps, and slides go a long way towards making up for it. It would get run all the time if the access was easier.

  • Watershed: 5.12mi^2.


Follow the Lewis River trail west about 0.3mi to a bridge crossing Cussed Creek. Turn right at the junction on the far side and follow the trail upwards (steep!) for ~0.9mi to about ~2400' elevation (approx. 46.15262, -121.90974). Break off the trail here and traverse/bushwhack north at about the same elevation for ~0.5mi to a tributary creek. This trib has steep sides in places, but there's an easy game trail crossing it at about 46.15974, -121.90920. On the far side, bushwhack up to gain the ridge and follow it east and downwards until you can drop into a small dell on the north side. Follow the dell east until you reach Cussed Creek. (Total distance from the trib: ~0.25mi.) The technical section starts just downstream. Total distance: ~2.4mi one-way.

  • One can also thrash in via the east side, but it's equally steep and long. The upside to the west approach is being able to gauge the flow while you’re walking and a trail for a decent stretch of the way.


Be sure to depth check all slides and jumps. Just because it was a great jump last year...

  • R1/J1: Two stage: 20' rap followed by horizonal pool, then 5' jump into deep pool
  • R2/J2: Two stage: 15' rap then 12’ shallow-entry jump into pool
  • S1: 8’ slide into deep pool (pretty bumpy, better as a 8-10' jump)
  • S2: The Corkscrew - 10’ curved slide into deep pool
  • R3/J3: 45' rap from bolt right, or 10’ rap to ledge then 30’ shallow-entry jump into 10-12’ deep pool

0.25 mile very pleasant, grippy creek walk

  • S3: nice 10’ slide on left into deep pool (or jump), single bolt anchor on right
  • A few DCs and a 5' jump
  • R4: rap tree L ~30' or sketchy DC
  • R5: 70' from tree DCR, twin falls (may be sharp edges)

0.25 mile pleasant, grippy creek walk

  • R6: 30' from tree

Short creek walk to the bridge you hiked in on. Easy access up on left.


Follow the trail 0.3 miles back to your car.

Red tape

Starting in 2021: between June 15 and Sept 30, a permit is required to park along a 14mi stretch of FR 90. Parking in this area is limited to one of six different recreational sites. Permits are available from

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Incident:Near Drowning in Cussed Hollow 2023/05/20trueNo loss2023-05-20