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This is a String representing the type of vehicle required to access the start or exit of the canyon.

The allowed values for this property are:

  • Passenger: any vehicle you want
  • High Clearance: a vehicle with at least 8" of clearance
  • 4WD: a vehicle with 4x4 traction
  • 4WD - High Clearance: vehicle with 4x4 traction and at least 8" of clearance
  • 4WD - Very High Clearance: a 4WD Pickup, Hummer or similar

More information on these definitions available from NPS.GOV

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2.8-Mile Wash +Passenger  +
20000 Steps +High Clearance  +
28 Canyon +4WD  +


Aardvark Canyon (North Fork) +4WD - High Clearance  +
Aardvark Canyon (South Fork) +4WD - High Clearance  +
Abiqua Creek +4WD  +
Able Creek +Passenger  +
Absalon + Agathe +Passenger  +
Abysmal Canyon +Passenger  +
Acarn +Passenger  +
Acheron Canyon (Hellsgate Wilderness) +4WD - Very High Clearance  +
Active Lava Flow +Passenger  +
Adams Creek Gorge +Passenger  +
Adrenaline Falls +High Clearance  +
Afra +Passenger  +
Afton Canyon Slot +Passenger  +
Agua Caliente Canyon (Arizona) +Passenger  +
Agua Fria (Upper, Queretaro) +Passenger  +
Aguadita +High Clearance  +
Aguila +Passenger  +
Al Fahda Cave +4WD  +
Al-Siq (Petra) +Passenger  +
Alder Canyon +4WD - High Clearance  +
Alder Creek (Christmas Canyon) +High Clearance  +
Alec Creek +Passenger  +
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