Eightmile Creek (South Cascades)

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Eightmile Creek (South Cascades) Canyoneering Canyoning Caving
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Difficulty:3C1 III (v3a4 III)
Raps:‌5, max ↨120ft
Descent: ⟷1mi ↓700ft
Exit: ⟷1.5mi ↓400ft
Red Tape:No permit required
Shuttle:Required 7.3mi
Condition Reports:
11 Nov 2023

"Nice flow today, but we should have skipped the lower three falls. The creek walk to the lower sequence followed by the long creek walk out to Panthe

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Eightmile is a tributary of Panther Creek, located north of Carson, WA. The creek has several nice waterfalls, although loses some points as it's a long hike out; so fairly high pay-to-play. You will also need to cross Panther Creek at the bottom (which has at least triple the flow of Eightmile) and may be difficult / dangerous early in the season. It is likely that most canyoneers would enjoy the creek more by exiting after the second rappel and skipping the lower section.

Directions: Lower Trailhead

There are a few turn-offs not far from Panther Creek Campground soon after you cross Panther Creek. En route to the lower parking area, stop at the bridge and have a look at the water level on Panther Creek. You'll need to cross this on the way out.

Directions: Upper Trailhead

Backtrack to Panther Creek Campground then go right onto Warren Gap road. This brings you back to the Wind River Highway. Turn right and quickly take another right on the the recently repaved Carson Guler Rd/FR 60. You will then take a right onto FR 6063, which as of Nov. 2023 has been cleared, graveled and is in great shape. You should be able to drive all the way to the drop-in with a 2 wheel drive vehicle if snow is not present.


From the upper parking area, just drop into the creek and go downstream.


Walk down the creek through a bit of nice bedrock initially.

  • R1: 70ft. Anchor on a solid tree DCL which puts you at the edge of the flow. There is also a log spanning the creek about 15 ft from the edge that could be used as an alternative anchor in lower flow. Beware cracks DCR atop the pitch which could stick a rope.
  • There is a boulder jam immediately below R1; downclimb DCR.
  • R2: 100ft from a tree with an extended anchor, almost to the lip of the falls, DCR. This puts you in a fun amount of flow if there is good water. You will probably need to extend the pull if you are descending on a single 200' rope. Alternatively, rap from a small tree DCL if flow is low. There is a 6ft step immediately below which can be downclimbed easily.
  • R3: After a longish creek walk reach the next 30ft drop. There is a good tree DCR that can be slung or a tree wrap can be employed.
  • R4: 25ft from a solid boulder in the center of the stream with the rap line following creek left. Short multi-tier falls that is probably a mandatory rappel in moderate flow but might be carefully downclimbed in lower flow.

The creek goes through a narrow notch, passing through The Blue Pool with strange blue-green rock that is likely the mineral jasper incorporated into the bedrock.

  • R5: 40ft from a tree DCR. Lovely little grotto and small swimming hole, which is now filled with a fallen tree and limbs. This can be avoided by using a large log DCR to stay out of deep water.


Unfortunately, the technical section is relatively short and sweet. Head downstream by the easiest available route. Expect up to 2 hours or more to reach Panther Creek (~1.4mi). Cross Panther Creek to the south shore. Either follow the bank or inland user trails to a campsite and follow trails back to the lower parking area. (About 5min from Panther Creek.)

  • If water levels on Panther Creek are too high, follow Panther Creek downstream to the bridge on NF-65. This has not yet been explored, however.
  • It looks like the easiest exit may be to follow the creek downstream after R2 until the creek bends to the left. At this point you could climb out DCR back up to the road, which is close to the ridge.
  • A shorter exit might be possible by bailing out of the creek DCL / north (towards Pt 2130) and circle back up to the top on old logging roads, but this has not yet been explored. Exiting early on the south side looks like you might get cliffed out.

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Eightmile was first descended in 2019 by Kevin Clark, Brad Noren, and Wade Hewitt.


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