Icarus Canyon

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Icarus Canyon Canyoneering Canyoning Caving
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Difficulty:3A III (v3a1 III)
Raps:‌9, max ↨170ft
Overall:6-9h ⟷5.3mi
Approach:2-3h ⟷2.9mi ↑1600ft
Descent:3-4h ⟷0.3mi
Exit:1-2h ⟷2.1mi
Red Tape:No permit required
Shuttle:Optional 5min
Rock type:Sandstone
Condition Reports:
13 Nov 2023

"Replaced a few anchors. Saw a bear in the bottom of west fork. 8 hours includes exploration of some other side canyons. Made it tonthe top of ab young

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Best season:
May-Sep, HOT Jul-Aug


A rugged West Fork of Oak Creek canyon.


Starting at Bootlegger Picnic area, cross Oak Creek and take the AB Young trail up 31 switchbacks to the top. Leave trail shortly after top down into a small valley. Go up and over hill to other side, following game trails. Traverse over to the main canyon drainage. After some brush, come to first short rappel.


R1: 30' Rock pinch. Possible pool at bottom depending on weather conditions, anchor options to avoid by climbing up to the right.

R2-3: are in direct succession:

R2: 130' tree RDC on ledge. Drop rope, do not toss as it could get tangled in tree. Rappel ends on first smallish ledge, do not continue down next ledge. Plenty of room for a full group to gather and rig the next rappel.

R3: 160' tree RDC or smallish tree back from where landed.

R4: 50' tree in canyon. Possible downclimb 25'. End of rap has a shallow pool, possible to avoid LDC. Optional climb up to the right to find webbing on large tree for a clean 90’ rappel which avoids pool.

R5-6: are in direct succession:

R5: 145' boulder in canyon.

R6: 170' boulder set back at bottom of crack on little shelf landing. Easy to miss, do not rappel past it!!

R7: 40' tree LDC

R7 is followed by a 15' down climb.

R8: 80' tree LDC.

R9: 40' tree root in canyon. May be buried under debris. Careful on rope placement.


Follow the canyon a short distance to its junction with the creek. Take the West Fork of Oak Creek trail east to the trailhead and exit vehicle.

Red tape

Red Rocks pass required for parking at exit trailhead and at start trailhead. $5 per day with pay station at exit or start. Annual National Park Pass will also work.

West Fork of Oak Creek trailhead for Exit vehicle is often crowded and parking limited. $11 per day. Call of the Canyon Picnic Site. Optionally, can find parking north up the road off of the highway.

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