Junkyard Canyon

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Junkyard Canyon Canyoneering Canyoning Caving
Also known as: Honey Draw.
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Difficulty:4B III (v4a2 III)
Raps:‌6-8, max ↨190ft
Rock type:Sandstone
Condition Reports:
10 Nov 2023

"Very fun beautiful canyon similar to nearby Waterholes/Pockets but half the length, featuring some really great rappels and gorgeous sculpted rock! We

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Best season:


Surprisingly good canyon that is useful as an access point for packrafting on the Colorado below Glen Canyon Dam. Has a couple of potholes that may be semi-keepers if they are completely scoured out, nothing was an issue at the time of our descent. Has lots of junk vehicles at the head and a fair bit of trash throughout. Toggle device is useful on many rappels due to set back anchor points.


Park at the Walmart in Page. Follow access road on the North side of the Walmart (between Walmart and the Autozone). Split off into the drainage when logical. There is an established social trail. First several (3) drops are bypassed on the down canyon right.


  • R1: Fiddle tree on DCR. (65')
  • R2: Sandtrap. (110')
  • R3: Single bolt on DCL. (50')
  • R4: Single bolt on DCL (partially hidden under edge). Three stage. (160')
  • Partner assisted down climb.
  • R5: Single bolt on DCL. (190')
  • Down climb center fin
  • R6: Sandtrap or fiddle wedged tire, then down climb (40')
  • R7: Climb over metal debris in crack, stem down to hanging chock-stone anchor (130’)

(there is a small stance to inflate packrafts below)


Packraft 15 miles to Lee's Ferry.

Red tape

"This canyon has huge potential for political red tape, and I suggest listing that in the wiki if it is going to be published. It technically serves as the boundary between Federal access/homeland security, Glen Canyon Rec, and the City of Page."

Do not access from the federally controlled tunnel access road.

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Originally explored by Clint Poole and Mike Whipple.

Beta updated June 2023.


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