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Kodels Canyon Canyoneering Canyoning Caving
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Difficulty:3B II (v3a2 II)
Raps:‌2-5, max ↨160ft
Overall:3h ⟷4mi
Approach:30min ↑200ft
Descent:2h ↓1200ft
Exit:30min ↑50ft
Shuttle:Required 15 minutes
Rock type:Sandstone and Granite
Condition Reports:
12 Nov 2023

"4 hours car to car at a moderate pace, fiddle sticked all rappels, top rappel had no webbing but plenty of good trees to work with. Water in slot sect

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Best season:
Mar-May, Sept-Nov


A short but fun canyon in Colorado National Monument. A quick and easy approach, a downclimb into the head of the canyon followed by a 50 foot rappel, short stemming section over water-filled potholes that ends with a handline for everyone and partner capture for last person down, a stunning 160 foot rappel into water, followed by two 50-60 foot optional rappels that can be climbed around, finishing with a downclimb/scramble section through a layer of beautiful polished granite. One of the best in the Monument.

  • Exit vehicle parking: 39.12846, -108.73639
  • Trailhead: 39.10097, -108.73495
  • Leave trail: 39.10132, -108.74470
  • Drop in: 39.10286, -108.74742
  • End of technical section: 39.11135, -108.74692
  • Exit right over knoll: 39.12711, -108.74317


Park shuttle vehicle near a recognizable transformer at the waypoint above. Drive up Rimrock Drive 4 miles to Colorado National Monument Visitor Center and park. The hike begins across the street from the Visitor Center. Head up the Alcove Nature Trail / Black Ridge Trail which has a prominent sign for about 20 minutes. Go right at the 3-way trail intersection with a sign for Fruita Dugway to the right. After 200 feet, head off trail to the left, over a knoll, and then down to the head of the canyon.


  • R1: 50ft, tree, canyon left, retrievable anchor
  • Slot: short stemming section over potholes, perfect geometry for first-timers learning to stem
  • R2: 25ft, meat anchor, this is at the end of the slot section. Intermediate/advanced canyoneers will downclimb, others may want to rappel or have a hand line. A spicey downclimb at the last 8 feet, LAMAR can be partner-captured. Landing zone may be filled with water and slippery boulders and would be dangerous to jump into. As of Sept 2020, there is a log propped up to aid this downclimb (Oct 2022- the log is now several hundred feet downstream)
  • R3: 160ft, retrievable, partial free-hang, into knee to chest deep water, possible swimmer in early season but no water in late season just mud
  • R4: 40ft, tree, canyon left, optional downclimb on right
  • R5: 50ft, tree, mid-watercourse, retrievable, optional downclimb on left
  • Granite Downclimbs: for about 1000 feet until a fence xing


Once you emerge from the granite layer take a trail branch right up over a knoll. On top of the knoll your exit vehicle should be visible. Skirt stakes marking an old fence on the left and follow it to your vehicle.

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Trip reports and media

April 2019 - the pool is absent as the dirt and rocks holding this pocket of water seem to have blown out on one side.

June 2022 - Beth Santoro and I performed what is probably a rare "down and up" journey through the technical part of the canyon, hard-rigging each drop as we went. This was due to a lack of shuttle out the bottom of the valley floor, plus I just like climbing rope. We found webbing at R1, R2, and R4, but nothing on the long R3 drop. A recent rain had filled up most of the pools including a thigh-deep mud wallow at the base of R3. The highly useful log is still present on the drop just past the narrows. --Andy Zellner

  • First rappel of about 30 feet, needs 50' rope
  • R2 about 30 feet, needs 40' rope rigged to chockstone webbing
  • The log was still there in 2022, very helpful
  • Beth on R3, needs 200' rope
  • Muddy seasonal pool at the bottom of R3
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