Micro Death Hollow

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Micro Death Hollow Canyoneering Canyoning Caving
Also known as: Escalante River slot.
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Difficulty:3B II R (v5a2 II)
Raps:‌1-3, max ↨276ft
Overall:3-6h ⟷2.9mi
Exit: ↑600ft
Vehicle:High Clearance
Condition Reports:
20 Nov 2023

"Great day in MDH! We did the standard canyon first and breezed through it. Water was quite low and we only encountered 1 obstacle we could classify as

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Best season:
Spring; Summer; Fall


Sneak exit (3B II, 3-4 hours, 2.5 miles r/t, 400' elevation gain) makes for a short but fun canyon.

Full canyon (4B III, 4-6 hours, 2.9 miles r/t, 600' elevation gain). sandtrap anchoring and fiddle stick or at least 50+ feet of webbing required.

R rating is for possible keeper pot hole after first rappel. Come prepared with pot hole escape gear and ascenders, if necessary.


From parking, head east on rim. Then downclimb a few ramps into drainage. Follow drainage to entry rappel.


R1: 276' off of tree LDC. Bring 50'-40' of webbing. Leave rope here.

Pot hole 1: Swim across or can be in keeper mode. Can be difficult when in keeper mode. No good place for partner assist out, can be complete deep swimmer all the way around. Can be cold water, make sure you can get out quickly if not wearing a wetsuit. Other side is slanted into pot hole and can be slippery to climb out of. Possible wedge for pot shot is a long toss with little room to get a good toss. Climbers grappling hook works well. Come prepared!

Stem, then drop into deep swimmer pothole.

Pot hole 2: Deep swimmer pothole. Exit of pothole has good ledge to stand on to reach and climb out of or partner assist out.

A few pools and narrow sections.

Exit sneak route or continue with full canyon route.

R2: 25' into deep swimmer pool using a sandtrap as anchor.

R3: 100'-40' depending on amount or webbing willing to leave or if using fiddle stick or other ghosting method. Anchor is off of arch in canyon.


Both exits require a little exposed class 3 scrambling. Remember to grab your R1 rope and webbing on the way out.

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