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Miyagi Canyoneering Canyoning Caving
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Difficulty:3A I (v3a1 I)
Raps:‌4, max ↨50ft
Red Tape:No permit required
Rock type:sandstone
Condition Reports:
14 May 2023

"Happy mothers day run! Took my mom on Miyagi for her first canyon ever and it was a great choice. Reconfigured some a chorus and cleaned up some extra

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Best season:
Year round


We developed this as a great training canyon. It is quick and easy, with 4 raps to 50 feet. The watercourse is clean, rock quality good on all of the raps.

This is a great way to just get outside for a quick run or to introduce folks to the sport of canyoneering!


Follow Bear Mountain Trail approximately 0.8 miles to the coordinates for R1.


R1: 30' off a tree. Caution!: Avoid standing on large flake RDC!!

R2: 30' off a tree.

R3: 40' off a tree to the first shelf, or 60' including the slab. Or moderate down climb RDC from crack to slab.

Continue down canyon completing beginner downclimbs and navigating some pretty narrow sections.

R4: 50' off a bolt anchor in the middle of the watercourse. Last 15' is overhung.


Use the same exit as Bobcats. Follow the watercourse a short distance until a faint use trail appears LDC. Head east until you meet back up with Bear Mountain Trail.

Red tape

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Trip reports and media

YouTube video of Half Dilly and Miyagi:


First descent in January of 2021 by Garrett Bennett, Holly Dison, Agustin Baccega, and Gustavo Romanello.


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