Mosquito Creek (South Cascades)

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Mosquito Creek (South Cascades) Canyoneering Canyoning Caving
Also known as: Langfield Falls.
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Difficulty:3C II (v3a4 II)
Red Tape:No permit required
Condition Reports:
4 Sep 2023

"Nice short little canyon. My partner and I rapped R1 several times getting practice in and out of the flow. As we are both beginners with just under

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Yet another short and sweet canyoneering objective on the Indian Heaven plateau roughly southwest of Mt. Adams. The creek begins with a rappel of the semi-popular Langfield Falls. Creek seems a good, generally beginner-friendly objective.

Early season visitors should beware: the Indian Heaven area is a dedicated National Mosquito Refuge. Please be wary of bug spray, however, which can wash off into the creek and is not good for wildlife, the environment, and local water quality. No mosquitos were encountered in August 2017.

  • Consider combining Mosquito with Little Goose Creek for a full day adventure. Little Goose is a ten minute drive south on FR 88.


Park as per Langfield Falls trailhead at Big Tire Junction. This is a semi-popular trailhead with a short trail that leads to both the top & bottom of R1. Short 1min approach from the parking area to the top of the falls.

Aug 2017: FYI: FR88 is washed out 7mi north of the Langfield trailhead. Road is closed. Don't try to come from that direction. Best approach is from Carson or Trout Lake.


  • R1: Langfield Falls - 70ft. Cobbled waterfall. In higher flow, the creek splits in two with water running down both sides of the fall. The top of this falls is frequently visited by non-canyoneer visitors, so please do not leave anchors here. (Or return to collect your anchor at the end of the day.) Anchored off a tree right on the edge DCL to run the flow.

If the creek is running too high, there's an easy exit on the trail at the bottom of this waterfall. Otherwise, head downstream through some nice bedrock area. The next falls comes fairly quickly.

  • R2: 10ft.
  • R3: 20ft.
  • R4: 8ft step. Might be downclimbable DCL?
  • R5: Lower Langfield Falls - 50ft. In August 2017 several fallen logs were present at the bottom of the drop. Set the length appropriately to avoid tangles.

Continue downstream through a short area of nice bedrock.


Below Lower Langfield Falls, head downstream a few hundred yards through some nice bedrock. The creek turns a corner left, then right. Note the large low-angle ridge DCR that comes all the way down to the water. Climb up to find a very nice elk trail that heads directly up the ridge and out of the canyon. From here it's easy walk through open forest to FR 88. Walk back on the road to your car.

  • Extra bonus points: hike the short interpretive loop at the Basket Tree historical site en route back.

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First descent was made in 2017 by Kevin Clark and Kaitlin Rupert.


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