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Newton Canyon Canyoneering Canyoning Caving
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Difficulty:3B I (v3a2 I)
Raps:‌2, max ↨50ft
Overall:1.5-2.5h ⟷1.1mi
Red Tape:No permit required
Rock type:Limestone?
Condition Reports:
13 May 2023

"First time in Newton and it did not disappoint. Good amount of water for lovely waterfall pictures. Very short approach. 2 rappels as stated on the

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Best season:
Any. Beware after rain. Summer can be hot & dry


> Please carry your favorite Gardening tools to every canyon (Folding Saw, Pruners, Loppers, Machete). We all need to help with trail and canyon maintenance on every trip.

Newton Canyon has been known for many years as a hiking destination. Most people see the falls while traveling the Backbone Trail. It is very short (1 mile loop) and is great for beginners or a quicky...


Getting There: From 101 Fwy, go South on Kana Rd. to Kanan Dume Rd. until you get to the parking lot. From the Pacific Coast Hwy in Malibu, go North on Kanan Dume Rd. until you get to the parking lot. Park here: 34.076003, -118.815389

Approach: From the parking lot to the drop in point it’s a 10-15 minutes easy downhill walk on the well maintained Backbone Trail.


The Canyon: Once you drop in, you’re at the first drop. The canyon has 2 bypassable drops, but you’re here to rappel! Going back you will free-climb one and bypass the other.


Number Tiers Total height Anchor (looking down stream) Anchor Gear Rope*
1 1 40' C - Sycamore tree 10-15’ Webbing or rope 100’
2 1 50' L - Burnt large tree 5’ Webbing or rope 120’
  • Rope - Recommended length based on rappel height and distance between tiers (when applicable) and to anchors x 2

Waterfall notes: 1. Rappel in the middle at the water course 2. Rappel on the left side straight from the burnt tree. Free climb back up on the easy left side.

   If someone is not comfortable with the climb, have the experienced, strong climber go up first and belay the others from the tree on the big ledge near the top or from the top.


You will go back the same way you came, up the canyon. As mentioned in the notes above, free climb the lower drop. When you get back about 50’ before the first drop, look for a dry gully to your left. It’s a very easy short climb that will take you back to the Backbone Trail and back to the parking lot.

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