Not Tierdrop Canyon

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Not Tierdrop Canyon Canyoneering Canyoning Caving
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Difficulty:3A II (v3a1 II)
Raps:‌2, max ↨197ft
Red Tape:Permit required
Condition Reports:
12 May 2023

"Slightly longer and much more interesting than U-Turn. The initial scramble up is tall and steep but very manageable and took about 20 min. The canyon

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Best season:
All year


The Dirt is Alive!:

If you look closely, you can see a microscopic community of life in the soil. Dark, lumpy surfaces are mature biological soil crust: a mixture of cyanobacteria, mosses, lichens, fungi, and algae. Young, living soil looks a lot like sand, and it needs to be left undisturbed for many years to mature and help plants grow. Just one footprint does years of damage. Dark, mature soil crusts are the basis of life in this desert. One footprint destroys years of growth. This remarkable soil community holds the sand together, absorbs moisture, produces critical nutrients for plants, and provides seed beds for new plants to take hold.

Please don’t walk on it. Stay on designated trails to protect living soil and plants.


Up rock gully. Turn left at top, Head towards Tierdrop, follow trail along the base back to the right away from Tierdrop, upclimb the rock to the middle ridge. R1 is on the large boulder.

  • Tierdrop is the far left large opening,
  • Not Tierdrop is in the middle after going left, it is hidden from view by the dome slopes in the middle and access by trail below going from the far left.
  • U-turn is the only one that goes to the right along the ridge after ascending the gully.


Various large rappels R1 is on a large boulder & 30; back from the edge


Walk around LDC around the ledges toward Tierdrop staying on the ledge, Will pass the Tierdrop area and follow the ledges down that are marked by the park's trail post.

Red tape

Registration required at visitors center or online at park website. Currently this one is self registration but check with park in case they modify their process

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