Prindle Creek

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Prindle Creek Canyoneering Canyoning Caving
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Difficulty:3C III (v3a4 III)
Raps:‌4-5, max ↨150ft
Red Tape:No permit required
Shuttle:Optional 10 min
Condition Reports:
18 Nov 2023

"Great day aside from some high winds. Lovely rappels and nice walking in and out. Great creek!

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Best season:
Jan-Jul, Nov


A nice creek that drains a small plateau located between Cape Horn and Archer Mountain. The plateau is locally known as the Cruzatt Rim. There are at least five significant waterfalls on the creek. While the big falls are impressive with good water, there is a fairly long approach, requiring bushwhacking and knowledge of local trails. Access is difficult as there's a lot of private property in the area.

Watershed: 0.35mi^2.



  • R0: 30ft. Optional falls which is easily missed if descending along the ridge. At the bottom, bushwhack downstream 100yrds to R1. May need a machete to get through the brush.

Prindle Falls is approx. 250ft and is done in two stages (R2 & R3).

  • R1: 120ft from a cairn mid-creek to a large platform mid-falls. Evaluate the flow carefully before committing to this rappel. It may be wiser to use a different anchor in high flow. Also, beware rockfall on this pitch. There are a number of small rocks in the creek just above the drop which can be knocked down by a rappeller or moving rope. Anyone at the bottom should stay well back from the base of the pitch. The rope is best pulled from up out of the water DCR. It can be advantageous to have someone rappel and get off at the anchor for R2.
  • R2: 130ft from a small tree high DCL. This anchor requires a short scramble to reach and will keep you in the flow all the way down. At the bottom, it may be easier to pull the rope from further downstream.
  • Downclimb the short drop below R3 or rappel from a log.

It's a short walk to the next falls.

  • R3: 120ft into a beautiful amphitheater from a bolt station DCR. Use caution approaching the anchor. (N.B. The rock quality atop this pitch is extremely poor, so pay special attention when assessing the anchor.) Beware rockfall on this pitch.
  • R4: Downclimb to a giant log mid-creek and rappel two short drops (highest maybe 35ft) to the bottom. 100ft of rope (SRT) is required per the horizontal distance. The falls can also be bypassed far DCL.


Red tape

  • Prindle Mountain is largely surrounded by private property, making access difficult. Ryan-Tavelli Road looks like the best approach, but it becomes a driveway to a private home atop Prindle. The main gate at the foot of the hill is so large that you'd probably have a hard time getting in even if you showed up with a bulldozer.
  • Descending directly from the last falls to Hwy 14 will put you on private property. Don't go that way. Reportedly, one party was chased off by hostile locals.

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First complete descent by Portland locals in May 2018.


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