Silver Creek Canyon

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Silver Creek Canyon Canyoneering Canyoning Caving
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Difficulty:3C I (v2a4 I)
Raps:‌2-3, max ↨20ft
Condition Reports:
11 Sep 2023

"As mentioned, there is a cable just above the non 4x4 parking. I was able to jump everything with some modest risk/skill a couple of times. Most oth

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Best season:
Jul-Sep (avg for this region)


Silver Creek is a fun canyon close to Seattle. It is a swift water canyon so expect to spend a lot of time in cold water and make sure you can identify water hazards.

The trail parallels the creek, so the flow can be verified during the approach. American Whitewater has a vitual gauge calculated using Skykomish river Flow. For flow above 40 cfs, belays may be helpful above some of the rappels.


The Index-Galina road was washed out in 2004 and has not reopened, reach the trailhead via NF-65. Follow the GPS to Skyko 3/4. This is not the place. Drive downstream another 1/2 mile and cross the concrete bridge, follow .2 mile and take the RH Y in the road. Follow 1.1 mile and park before the road gets really bad. The road up to the trail head from the bridge is fairly rough and exposed in some places and not recommended for low clearance vehicles. Parking by the North Fork of the Skykomish adds about a mile to the approach.

Follow the approach trail that parallels the creek. The trail has been washed away by landsides in several locations, however as of July 2018 is well protected with handlines. The First major of these landslides serves as the canyon exit, you can also exit earlier due to the trail is only 50 above the river. As you continue to follow the trail, you will come across more landslides, mineshafts and old log brides. Drop into the canyon at the second log bridge. There is a trail down 40ft prior to the bridge with flagging.


Walk down the creek for about a half mile. There are several small slides and jumps. Soon you will come across a short technical sections.

r1: 40' off of two bolts far up on canyon right. There are options for jumps mid rappel. or jump off DCL wall. Always check your depths

r2: 15' off of one bolt on canyon left. There are options for jumping from canyon right, however the scramble to an appropriate ledge is fairly challenging and exposed. A fall here could be consequential as the right side of the pool below has a 3 ft undercut. At higher flows a belay to the bolt DCL may be helpful. At 40 cfs, the rappel avoids the main flow.

r3: 20'. This is a pretty easy jump, however one can rappel off of a meat anchor. The right side of the pool below is extremely undercut and should be avoided.

Downstream is several fun jumps and slides. Exit dcr when a stream comes in at one of the landslides.


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