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Boynton Island East Canyoneering Canyoning Caving
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Difficulty:3A III PG (v4a1 III)
Raps:‌5-7, max ↨100ft
Overall:4-7h ⟷4.4mi
Approach:2-3h ↑1080ft
Descent:1-2h ⟷0.5mi ↑900ft
Exit:1-2h ↑0ft
Red Tape:No permit required
Rock type:Sandstone
Condition Reports:
18 Sep 2023

"Block on the downclimb section is loose and worrisome. We did 4 rappels. Anchors looked good.

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Best season:
Avoid Summer


Located in the middle of Boynton Canyon this island of a summit has numerous ruins and explores what was likely a ancient Sinaguan water reservoir. The route passes near numerous ruin sites and artifacts that should be respected and preserved. The summit gains jaw dropping 360 degree views of Boynton high on its Coconino Sandstone summit. PG rating is for a couple Class IV climbing moves on the approach with some exposure.


From the official trail depart on a lightly used social trail the accesses ruins at the base of the lower cliffs to your west of the trail. Traverse along the base of the cliff band until you near the saddle visible to the west at which point you cross the drainage heading north to gain a obvious ledge system that accesses the main Massif of the summit you gain prior to the descent route. Gain the shelf and traverse heading east through a number of ruin sites. One which is quite beautiful and well preserved. Shortly after the large ruin pay attention to the cliff on your left for a small break to begin your way up onto the expansive slick rock shelves above. Following the track you will encounter a portion of 4th borderline 5th class with a single bolt to protect the move if needed. Gain the shelf and continue up a number of 4th class slabs heading North West towards the obvious tree filled drainage/alcove. Stay on lookers right until a obvious break allows you to cross to the left/south continuing up the drainage to a large choke stone entangled in roots requiring one move to get up. Traverse again to your east out onto the large slick rock ramp leading to the ridge line. Gain the ridge and follow it all the way to the Summit. The ridge has one move that looks intimidating and airy but is quite mellow in execution.


From the summit follow the ridge line to the East down exposed but fun Coconino slabs. Eventually the ridge cliffs out. Just before this you can traverse back to your south to find a large pinion pine with the first rappel anchor.

R1: 100ft to lower slick rock deck. Webbing slung tree.

R2: 100+ ft into large obvious alcove. Off ufo rock RDC.

R3 70ft into alcove from small pinion in a parallel drainage LDC. Rappel ends at first shelf.

Traverse east out of the drainage you are currently in to find a large slot of a drainage in the slick rock 300 ft around the corner.

R4: 20ft into the slot. Webbing slung tree CDC, or straightforward downclimb.

R5: 30ft further into the slot. Webbing slung tree/root RDC. First 20’ easy downclimb then 10’ rap or more advanced downclimb.

R6: 30ft further in again. Webbing slung root RDC.

R7: 25ft out of the slot from a rock pinch under the large choke stone. Be careful to not disturb the ferns growing on the wall.


Traverse LDC past the active seep to the drainage below. Follow the drainage and connecting social trail back to the main Boynton Canyon trail.

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