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Hastings Canyon Canyoneering Canyoning Caving
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Difficulty:3A III (v3a1 III)
Raps:‌12, max ↨80ft
Overall:5-8h ⟷3.5mi
Approach: ↑1930ft
Descent: ⟷1.1mi ↓1686ft
Red Tape:No permit required
Shuttle:Required 4 min
Condition Reports:
29 Oct 2023

"Thanks to everyone who worked on the approach trail. The approach is a breeze now and only took 1:20 from the trailhead to the drop-in. We did about 6

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Best season:


Somewhat similar to neighboring Bailey Canyon to the east, Hastings presents a large number of unremarkable rappels in a drainage usually containing a small trickle of water.


After leaving a shuttle car over by the Hasting creek channel (note the no parking areas in that neighborhood), drive to Bailey Park and hike to the stone cabin -- this is the same approach as for Bailey Canyon. Descend into the canyon and head upstream a few minutes At the fork, head up the left fork past 2 rocky water slides and look for a ridge with a relatively easy incline (looking at 7.5 minute topo, it is inline with the word "Canyon" at 34.18584, -118.05991). Hike up it with one switch back to the right and you'll find a well pruned trail to summit the ridge starting at 34.18556, -118.05990, and steeply climbing up 440 vertical feet. Once you hit the ridge (divides Hastings and Bailey, just a little brush on top), head uphill (North) to 34.18900, -118.06299 (3220 feet on the 7.5 minute topo). Traverse 30 feet off the ridge to a trimmed bush, then descend steeply down holding onto bushes until you reach a gully and a short wall. Traverse right into the main Gully which is Hasting canyon. Continue down the steep scree and dirt to 34.18783, -118.06460 (2800 feet on the 7.5 minute topo). Don't follow the KML file exactly, it's not accurate, it leads you up a brushy and rocky gully, and it will cliff you out on the drop-in.


There are 3 20’ downclimbs before the first rappel. NOTE: 26APR2022 not sure where these are ???

R1: 30’. DCR – big horizontal tree anchor

R2: 50’. DCL - big and bigger tree down past giant boulder with a surprise undercut (or DCR tree anchor up a steep gully ?)

R3: 20’. DCL? – bush, downclimb ? NOTE: 13MAY2022 this is one of the downclimbs between R2 and R3

R4: 60’. Webbing wrap around a boulder midstream

R5: 25’. DCL – 2 pronged bush/tree down next to former big PO bushes DCR NOTE: PO bushes cut down 13MAY2022

R6: 45'. DCR – tree, or downclimb (feet are better than it looks from the top)

R7: 45’. DCL – tree on sloping ledge, rappel through a thick dead tree. Exposed getting to this tree – a belay should be used! Or ghost bush DCR 60' down the scree chute.

R8: 80’. DCL – high up tree. A “human ladder” may be needed

R9: 65’. DCR – big tree (high up) covered with a zillion ants! Or 60' big boulder canyon center. down through 2 grass filled potholes

R10: 35’. DCL – dead tree (new webbing could be installed on live part now)

R11: 25’. DCL – big tree, some parts dead, through some brush over a big boulder

R12: 65’. DCL – multi pronged sticker bush, or DCR tree

Work your way around poison oak DCL in 2 places. Bamboo thicket and spring follows


Stay DCR of the stream bed and follow the trail—you'll end up on the DWP side of the fence

Red tape

Be careful of the closing time of the parking area for Bailey Park.

Effective 10-9-2020 this canyon is closed through April 1, 2022 as part of the "Bobcat Fire Area, Road, and Trail Closure" for the Angeles National Forest. Forest Order No. 05-01-20-08. Link to CalTope map showing closure area is here - https://caltopo.com/m/9KEQ?fbclid=IwAR2FQQ-n-3nETK2-f1Dh_AlCh4LbOxAzGCpPxYSkR_bdsddZ9FP7ekwEOQ8

Beta sites

Trip reports and media

Nov 16 2014 Don't use the KML - the bushwack is horribly overgrown and dusty. Use Brennan's approach and Beta.


First canyoneering descent by Scott Smith, Nathan Wozny, Troy Sette, Chris Brennen and others on Dec.12, 2004.


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