Motorcycle Canyon

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Motorcycle Canyon Canyoneering Canyoning Caving
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Difficulty:3A III (v3a1 III)
Raps:‌4, max ↨90ft
Overall:4-7h ⟷6.8mi
Descent: ⟷1.8mi ↓1270ft
Red Tape:No permit required
Shuttle:Optional 20 min
Condition Reports:
10 Nov 2023

"Leisurely day in Motorcycle. We walked the 1.5 miles instead of doing a car shuttle. This canyon was pretty enjoyable and was a nice contrast to it's

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Best season:
Oct-May (avg for this region)


Motorcycle Canyon is side drainage to Goldstrike Canyon. Goldstrike Canyon provides access to the Goldstrike Hot Springs and access to the Colorado River.

  • Please remember that permanent fixed hardware is strictly prohibited in Black Canyon Wilderness area, and the entirety of LMNRA. No new bolts.


Motorcycle can be done one of two ways. Opt #1: Park at the exit of Goldstrike and hike 2.1 miles up a rocky trial-add another hour to your day. Opt # 2: A shuttle (what we did) the road requires two or three high clearance 4x4’s depending on how big your party is ours was 10 so we used three vehicles.


The drop in is fairly simple and almost immediately so gear up near the TH. 4 rappels pretty simple highest about 80 feet.Some down climbs with a long hiking section to the confluence of Goldstrike Canyon marked by large wooden telephone poles. Goldstrike requires no rappelling and is a awesome canyon offering some really nice hot springs and ends at the Colorado River.

R1 ~ 90' very pretty walls & some loose rock from above & the "Motorcycle"

R2 ~ 80', a bit of a walk between R2 to narrows of R3

R3 ~ 40', followed by an 30' drop that some groups may rappel, a bit of a walk between R3 to R4

R4 ~ 40', groups should consider setting up a safety if using the wedge in boulder above as it is near the ledge


This is the best part. Head back up Goldstrike, which is a deep narrow canyon and is almost flat the entire way-about a 40 minute hike back to the cars. There are a few large boulder fields to navigate but social trails have been made so look for path that has been traveled on. There is an emergency station that may or may not have some supplies such as salt and various other tables on the exit trail.

Red tape

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Trip reports and media

11/26/16 motorcycle canyon car shuttle trail – road was pretty rough in places (4x4 would be nice but not necessary with a high clearance vehicle + savvy driver). All anchors where in good condition. Double check some of the chalk stones in this canyon before you commit; some are barely wedged in there. It’s a very short canyon so definitely worth going down to the river before returning to the car.



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