Muir Ravine (West)

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Muir Ravine (West) Canyoneering Canyoning Caving
Also known as: West Muir Ravine. For other features with similar names, see Muir Ravine (disambiguation)
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Difficulty:3B IV (v3a2 IV)
Raps:‌12, max ↨120ft
Overall:10.5h ⟷6.8mi
Approach: ↑2000ft
Descent: ⟷1.3mi ↓2139ft
Red Tape:No permit required
Shuttle:Optional 45min
Condition Reports:
18 Nov 2023

"I hiked from the Rubio Catch Basin up the Gooseberry connector to Lone Tree Trail, then the ridge trail in 1:15. After which I spent at least an extr

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This is the West most of the 3 major Mt Muir Ravines that drain into Eaton Canyon. This canyon has many rappels, short down-climbs, and hiking down steep earthen slopes. It is normally dry and has heavy Sun exposure, but can have significant water flow after heavy rains. It dumps into Eaton, immediately upstream from the short down-climb / rappel before the Penultimate.


Eaton Saddle Shuttle

This shuttle starts at the exit of Eaton Canyon at 2184 Crescent Drive, Altadena, CA 91001. Don't park closer to the gate as that's no parking weekends and 2 hour weekdays. Park cars and drive up Angeles Crest Hwy to Eaton Saddle at 34.239351, -118.093361. This is a 4.4-mile hike, mostly over flat terrain. The approach begins on Mt Lowe Road to Muir Peak Road. Do not take the Sam Merrill Trail, but continue down past Inspiration Point for another 1.2 miles, following Muir. Here the trail ends - DO NOT take The trail to the right, that is the drop-in to East Fork Of Rubio, follow it down to The left. The trail becomes moderately steep here with some climbing over loose rocks, but keep going until you see a large outcropping of rocks almost on the trail. Stop here and look for a well-marked animal trail heading to the left. Bushwhack through this trail for a short while, looking for a gully that leads to the top section of Muir Ravine at 34.205453, -118.103524.

Lone Tree Trail Climb & Shuttle

This shuttle starts at the exit of Eaton Canyon at 2184 Crescent Drive, Altadena, CA 91001. Park cars and drive to 34.198833, -118.121836 along the Rubio Canyon Debris Basin on E Loma Alta Dr. On the East side of E Loma Alta Dr is a small yellow house with a steep paved trail on the North side. There is a brown and white sign that says "Rubio Canyon Preserve Trail". Hike this trail up to the Gooseberry connector trail at 34.20093, -118.11986, take a right turn, continue uphill to the big switchback at the sunken concrete water tank at 34.20323, -118.11386, head up to the power towers where you connect to the Lone Tree Trail. Continue up the Lone Tree Trail another 1250 vertical feet to the Rock Mass drop-in point.

New Land Owner has blocked access to this old approach: Hike north on E Loma Alta Dr. about 400 feet to Camp Huntington Rd / Edison Rd, hike on the that paved road staying left on the dirt road / paved drive fork. A short distance further on the dirt road you reach some water control infrastructure in Rubio Creek itself, then a trail following the creek bed. A bit further there is another trail sharply angling back and up on the ridge on the right side. This is the Lone Tree Trail. Climb this trail for 2000 vertical feet directly to the Rock Mass drop-in point.


After rappel 13 West Muir joins Eaton Canyon just upstream of the anti-penultimate (10 foot down-climb when dry) rappel in canyon, leaving three rappels remaining. The penultimate requires waist deep wading out of the pool.

R1: 115' DCR High off small tree, can be split R1a 70' and R1b 30' ghosting a big tree DCL, R1b is also a down climb DCR

Hike and down climb the canyon for about 20 minutes to R2.

R2: 100' DCL High off a bush, can be split building another anchor on the big intermediate ledge

R3: 50' pinch point under large boulder chock-stone, downclimb to get to the anchor (easy to miss)

NOTE: R2 & R3 can be combined at 165' Hike down canyon about 10 minutes to R4:

R4: 15' Large Rock center, anchor over edge with fixed line

R5: 120' DCR off a high bush with a rope anchor to a good size flat pothole which continues down a slab to a chimney, can be split R5a 50' and R5b 70' bush DCL

R6: 90' DCL off a boulder pinch point in the chimney part of the canyon (easy to miss); this reaches the bottom of the chimney.

Hike a few minutes down canyon to R7.

R7: 50' DCR off a high bush with a short hand line to reach the bush.

R8: 50' DCL off a bush

R9: 50' DCR off a bush with a LOT of webbing extension. NOTE: the old R9 anchors were destroyed from 2023 flash floods: 35' Deadman anchor (no clue when it was built) and Cairn Anchor (rebuilt May 2022)

R10: 60?' DCL off high bush

R11: 50?' Large Rock Chock DCL - Was buried webbing around a large flat rock, removed Nov 2018

NOTE: R10 & R11 can be combined into one 150' rap.

R12: 50' Medium sized rock DCL - Was a cairn, or a small bush, both removed Nov 2018

R13: 60' DCL off BFR pinch point into the Eaton Creek bed


The final rappel is Eaton Falls which is normally well-attended by hikers. Take the well-used trail back to the cars.

Red tape

(Permit no longer required as of Jan 2017)

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Trip reports and media

Gallery April 30, 2011 by Christian Lupercio


First canyoneering descent by Nathan Schara and Chris Brennen on Oct.23, 2006


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Incident:Rappel Mishap in Muir Ravine (West) 2018/11/22trueNo loss2018-11-22
Incident:Broken Tibia in Muir Ravine (West) 2017/03/11trueInjury2017-03-11