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Oregon Hellhole Canyoneering Canyoning Caving
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Difficulty:3A II (v3a1 II)
Raps:‌2+, max ↨90ft
Red Tape:No permit required
Condition Reports:
6 Oct 2019

"Scouted westwards along the rim and, after some serarching, found a good place to rappel down onto the giant rockpile west of "The Deep." Explored a

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A gigantic tension fault-crack located north of Oakridge, OR. This is not your typical canyon. It is not an aquatic canyon.

WARNING! Much of the Hellhole is composed of loose, crumbling, slippery rock. People have died here. Visiting on a wet day is not recommended. Wear a helmet; rockfall is a real threat. Bring ropes and be on your game. Setting a rim rope ahead of time is recommended to allow a safe escape.


Follow a well-established user trail about 5min to the rim. The trail runs for a fair distance east and west on the north side of the rim leading to various not-really viewpoints. Given the sheer walls it's difficult to get a clear view to the bottom. Beware getting too close to the edge; it's a long way to the bottom. Beware kicking down rocks when you rappel in. Area is very unstable.



Red tape


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Oregon Field Guide - 1997


The Hellhole has been visited for many years, dating back at least as far as the 1930's. It was likely discovered by local loggers. It was first evaluated for canyoning potential in Oct 2019 by Kevin Clark, Vandy Bennett and Leah Sorenson.


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