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Salome Jug Canyoneering Canyoning Caving
Also known as: Salome Creek; Lower Salome; The Jug.
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Difficulty:3C II (v3a4 II)
Raps:‌1, max ↨60ft
Overall:3.5-5h ⟷5.1mi
Approach: ↓550ft
Exit: ↑700ft
Red Tape:No permit required
Rock type:Granite
Condition Reports:
27 May 2023

"Water was balmy; no wetsuits or wetsocks necessary; not even wanted by most of the group. There is one down-climb that a canyoneer will easily solve

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Best season:


A very fun canyon that resembles a water park. Best done in the morning in order to get in the water during the hot time of the day. Can be easily combined with Parker Canyon by doing Salome Jug in the morning and Parker Canyon in the afternoon (connect to the 288 via A Cross Road). It's a long day to do both.

This canyon can be done without a harness, as it only has one rappel - which can be jumped 25' into deep water. Please note the rappel down the chute can be extremely treacherous in high water, but there's an alternate chain anchor to rappel out of the flow or to aid a jump. If required, an experienced canyoneer may provide a meat anchor for the rest of the group to rappel out of the flow and then jump.

The best checkpoint for waterflow is where the road crosses Salome Creek, 10 minutes driving down from the parking spot. Abort the descent if at the lower crossing the water covers the complete length of the road.

Some try looking at the Parker Creek USGS gauge. It may look like Salome and Parker share the same watershed by topo, but be warned that experience has shown that Salome can be running high when Parker is low.

Approaching the trailhead from the west (87/188) is better than from the east (Globe). The road is smoother, graded, and a faster drive. One drawback is that you have to do one river crossing, maybe 1ft deep.

If you are comfortable jumping 25 feet or so, you do not need a harness for this canyon.


Follow the well worn trail past the sign, and wind your way all the way to the watercourse. You will see a cairn at a campsite on your way down, this is where the exit rejoins the trail.


R1 Options:

  • 60' off bolts down the watercourse
  • Traverse high canyon right to a 25' drop using fixed lines (as of April 2023). Jump or rappel from the far anchor. Note: use caution as the rock at the jump location is incredibly slick.

NOTE: As of 4/29/23, the traverse line rope looks like it needs replacing. The anchor at the jump location may need replacing soon also. The bolts are starting to spin.

There are a lot of unprepared people who choose to run this canyon. It is recommended to bring a rope and rappel gear in case you are afraid to jump, or to help someone else out if they are unable to proceed with the jump or any other obstacle in the canyon.

There is also a down-climb about 2/3 through the canyon on the right where a rope could be handy for those who are unable to down-climb.


Once the canyon opens up, exit Salome Creek on the right and take the use trail back up to Jug Trail. Follow the trail back to your vehicle.

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