Shinob Canyon (Na-gah Fork)

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Shinob Canyon (Na-gah Fork) Canyoneering Canyoning Caving
Also known as: Na Gah Canyon. For other features with similar names, see Shinob Canyon (disambiguation)
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Difficulty:3B I (v3a2 I)
Raps:‌3, max ↨155ft
Overall:3-5h ⟷2.3mi
Red Tape:Permit required
Condition Reports:
9 Oct 2022

"Approach trail is in good condition, generally easy to follow with cairns at appropriate moments. There is water in the canyon, with a few pools that

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Best season:
Spring; Summer; Fall
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NOTICE: A temporary closure to protect sensitive resources is in effect for the following areas: Cassidy Arch Canyon and Shinob Canyon (this includes Na-gah, Nighthawk, and Timpie). These areas are closed to the public, effective immediately, until August 31, 2022.




Red Tape


A permit is required for any and all canyoneering within the boundaries of Capitol Reef National Park. Permits have a group-size limit that varies depending on the canyon or route. A separate permit is required for each canyoneering route. Currently, there is no quota limit nor permit cost, though that is likely to change at some point in the future. Permits can be obtained onsite through a self-serve kiosk located just outside of the visitor center or by sending and email to using the following format:

Subject: Name of canyoneering route and date you will be canyoneering.

Email Body: Date of visit (single day only): Canyoneering route (single route only): Number of people: Vehicle location: Number of motorized vehicles: Vehicle description(s):

If you plan to camp overnight as part of a canyoneering trip, you are required to obtain a free backcountry permit, available at the visitor center.

Additional Access Information:

Group-Size Limit:

Canyoneering groups are limited to a maximum of 12 people for this Canyon.

Groups larger than 8 or 12 sharing the same affiliation (school, church, club, scout group, family, friends, etc., or combination thereof) may divide into groups smaller than 8 or 12, provided they do not occupy the same canyon, drainage, general area or the same route on the same day.

Park Entrance Fee:

The Scenic drive is the only area of Capitol Reef where an entry fee or park pass is required. Passes can be attained at the visitor center or at a self-pay kiosk at the start of the scenic drive. Fees are good for seven days and can be found here:

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