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Slingshot Canyoneering Canyoning Caving
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Difficulty:3A II (v3a1 II)
Raps:‌5-6, max ↨100ft
Overall:3.5-6h ⟷5.8mi
Approach:1.5-2.5h ↑900ft
Red Tape:No permit required
Rock type:Sandstone
Condition Reports:
20 Nov 2023

"One person healed one person scrambled by the vortex! Parking was a small challenge at ~11am

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Best season:
Spring & Fall


An adventure into the depths of Boynton Canyon. This canyon is an easy-to-moderate introduction to Sedona's canyons. This route is perfect for beginners or anyone looking for a quick adventure.

Scenic stops along the approach lead to a series of moderate downclimbs and free hanging rappels. This is a great link up with other Boynton routes for a full day adventure.

Please respect all sites along the way.


Downloading the KML track is recommended.

  • Hike 2 miles from the Boynton Canyon Trailhead, passing the resort.
  • The trail will begin to bend left and you will pass a large circle with boulders in a shaded rest spot on your left.
  • Soon after, at a large alligator juniper on the left (34.927, -111.861), turn right onto social trails heading north.
  • The social trail leads .4 miles to the foot of the Sedona Subway (34.9321, -111.8631).

The rugged part of the approach starts after the Subway.

  • From the foot of the Subway keep the rock wall on your left, and follow slabs initially North, then West-Northwest around the corner.
  • Staying near the wall continue WNW following lightly tracked trails. Avoid any 4th class climbing by moving out right, but too far right leads to heavy bush whacking.
  • Along the way find the hidden mini double arch cave (tiger view cave).
  • Aim for the small saddle above you to the West - this is the top of the climb.

The route starts at the watercourse atop the slabby sandstone ridge. A large cairn marks the beginning of the descent.


Start descending the watercourse.

First drop can be downclimbed. An anchor is established at the start of the watercourse for wet or icy conditions.

R1: 75ft off tree. Free hanging.

R2: 25+ ft off tree. Down climb, or hand line when dry. Watch for ants during hotter months at this anchor.

R3: 100ft from tree RDC. Starts as gradual slope and then becomes a vertical rappel.

R4: 80ft from tree LDC. An overhung start leads to a very pretty undercut alcove. This is the money shot (banner picture). Drop rope just off the edge, avoiding the trees further out RDC.

R5: 25ft off tree. Tricky start.

Continue LDC for exit. One more 15 foot drop can be bypassed by traversing ledge RDC. Proceed to the bottom of the drainage where it intersects with the main wash and follow the trail back to the Boynton Canyon Trailhead.

For optimal value run this short route after a monsoon or snow melt.


Follow exit canyon to main wash and trail.

Red tape

Parking at Boynton Canyon Trailhead requires a Red Rocks Pass ($5/day) or an annual parks pass.

Beta sites

Trip reports and media

As of July 28 2021 an exact approach has been updated on the KML track. Previous KML tracks should be updated. Start from the Subway for easiest approach.


First Descent by Eric Moorcroft & John Lloyd 7/27/2020.


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