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My name is Dav. I'm a canyoneer, caver, mine explorer, and paraglider pilot based in Los Angeles You can email me at dangel at dangel and appending a "".

Canyons I've visited

Todo List:

  1. Fix custom server functionality
  2. Monitoring for DB and App nodes
  3. Test and release new functionality
  4. Get Ansible updated
  5. DB install from restore testing
  6. email addresses for devs and ropewiki.
  7. Investigate seperate paypal/venmo accounts for ropewiki

Pages I'm not ready to add yet:

Learning to Canyoneer


The Secret Location

Death Valley Anchor Class Curriculum

SoCal Grotto SRT Gear and Technique Resources - Information and vendors references

SoCal Grotto Gear Recommendations - Thoughts on SRT Gear for adventures in the Southwest USA

Caving Buddy Check - How I do a buddy check

Seven Teacups Gear and Experience Suggestions

[Shoe Considerations] - A comparison of canyon appropriate footwear

Canyon Descenders - A comparison of canyon appropriate rappel devices

Curses - The traditionally Lightweight curses of Brittany