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Henninger (main fork) Canyoneering Canyoning Caving
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Difficulty:3A II (v3a1 II)
Raps:‌6 + many DC, max ↨100ft
Red Tape:No permit required
Rock type:Granite
Condition Reports:
19 May 2023

"OK, I'm back. Went up Henninger trail to the sneak path (very overgrown) and found where I could drop back into the canyon (see picture). Ghosted th

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Pretty much every SoCal canyoneer has walked by Henninger Canyon on their way to Eaton and never even noticed it. But there it is, the first major drainage that crosses over the Mt Wilson Toll Road on the long uphill grind to Henninger Flats. Well, it turns out that it does have a bunch of interesting and or spicy downclimbs and a few OK rappels.


Use either of the Eaton parking areas, hike up the Mt Wilson Toll Road to Henninger Flats, take the road (or cross over the upper part of Coyote Canyon) to get just North of the big steel water tank on the flat ridge to the West of Henninger Flats picnic area. From there head North and uphill on the wide fire break until you see a reasonable (but very steep) way down into the canyon floor.


There are 6 (as I counted) main rappels, the longest being a 2 stage at 100 feet (should be broken in 2 for rope pull ease). There are many short to somewhat taller downclimbs, which are the dominate technical features. I left webbing anchors for the longer rappels, but I also ghosted a few of the steeper downclimbs. Use you judgement! The canyon floor is clear of brush, except where you get close to the sneak entrance / exit (34.19202, -118.09496); there is a thicket of sticker bushes; climb up DCL on an animal run, then drop back into the canyon where it clearly drops off a sizeable rappel.

Once you reach the Mt Wilson Toll Road again you are done with the main run, but you can continue down the lower section, which has a couple more downclimbs, one 25 foot rappel, and a couple thickets of poison oak, so I cannot recommend doing the whole thing.


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